Thank you for your dedication and working with me and my horses the last several years..even when it’s raining!
My horses and rehab horses are progressing safely and comfortably and you are taking my riding to the next level.
I love your willingness to investigate and share new AND classical training techniques. Biomechanics rock!
Pam Dunkle Barefoot Performance Bozeman,MT
It was nice to find someone like Karen that had the same belief system in working with horses as I have. The riding instruction I have received from her has opened up a new way of riding and working with the horse as a integration of horse and rider, moving it to higher level of understanding and companionship. .

Her knowledge on bio-mechanics of the horse helps in understanding the movement of the horse and how simple stretching exercises make a horse more relaxed and supple. Which makes for a happier horse that enjoys it’s work.

DK Montana
When I started taking lessons from Karen, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had actually stopped taking lessons because while I knew I had areas of improvement, and felt a little desperate in wanting to improve, I hadn’t found anyone locally who could help me. I would go and say, “I feel like my hands are too busy. I want to learn to really ride more from my seat. I wasn’t a bad rider; in fact, I was pretty good. But that was the problem. The instructor would watch me ride, and say, “You look fine.” No! I don’t! Help me! I was stuck at a plateau and I didn’t know how to move forward.

So, I had a lesson with Karen on my out of shape mare in a foot of snow. I had a new baby, and could only ride in my pasture for limited amounts of time. I told Karen I wanted exercises I could do at the walk (thanks to all the snow). And that I wanted to break through this plateau I was on. Well, my lesson was amazing. It didn’t matter that we weren’t in a perfectly groomed arena. I couldn’t have been more thrilled. I left that lesson with real tools and exercises. Thanks to Karen’s thoughtful explanations I also understood mechanically what I was aiming for, as well as the philosophical “why”. And my mare loved it! It was amazing to see her attitude shift to be so willing and present. The exercises we did challenged her physically and mentally in a good way; we became more of a team. (They challenged me, too).

Karen is not about quick fixes. But she does things right; like the tortoise that wins the race. Karen really got what I was trying to ask for: to learn to ride with real connection, and through-ness. She challenged me, and my horse. Karen is also unfailingly kind, and I love her attitude. She manages to impart her wisdom in a way that inspires you and is never condescending. I cannot recommend Karen highly enough. Anyone who is lucky enough to take a lesson with Karen should jump at the opportunity.

Karen’s knowledge of equine and human biomechanics is spot on. Her ability to connect with and understand a horse are amazing. She worked with my herd bound horse in a setting where he was content to be by himself, something I didn’t think was possible. She gave me some exercises to help me to get my horse to focus and work with me. She truly cares about the welfare of the horse and takes the time it takes to help the troubled horse fit into our world.

I wish you the best at the Ohio Equine Affair, Karen, and hope you can provide some guidance for those who are struggling in their horsemanship, as you have provided for me. I hope you won’t become too famous to come back and work with us in Montana on our challening horses and hopefully western dressage in the future.

Thank you Karen, for all your help with my challenging horse.

I have had my mare for nine years and every day has been a challenge. After taking three lessons from Karen I have a new horse. Karen is a translator for the both of us and with this new line of communication we’re having fun, learning new things, and working together.
After today’s groundwork lesson I realized that my bond with Secret had tremendoulsly improved and that no matter what I do it all needed patience and kindness and that I just had to be calm with her and for that I thank Karen Ososki.
Paul Chris Arkner South Africa
“Karen’s unique philosophy of combining biomechanics and natural horsemanship to create Refined Performance Horsemanship is inspiring. Her logical, yet empathetic approach has helped me as a rider and owner, positively challenge the traditional methodology I’ve been taught over the years. I just wish I’d met her 20 years’ ago!”
Dany Hancock , Rides On The Wild Side