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What is Karen’s cancellation policy for clinics and speaking engagements?2014-11-16T17:00:42-07:00

Clinic organizers are responsible for managing cancelations, as unfilled rides do still need to be paid. We recommend keeping a waiting list and collecting monies in advance to discourage dropping out at the last minute.

Where clinic cancellations are concerned, we work on a case-by-case basis but please understand that the time we blocked for your clinic would have gone to someone else and cancelations should be announced well in advance, baring a catastrophic event.


Does Karen provide any promotion materials for her clinics and and speaking engagements?2014-11-16T16:59:25-07:00

We will provide you with approved copy and photos. Just let us know what your needs are: email blast, newsletter or FaceBook announcement, gazette, etc.

Does Karen charge for auditors?2014-11-19T13:17:44-07:00

Depending on the kind of clinic you are organizing, Auditing may be free or not. If not, typically Karen charges $25 for one day, $40 for two days and $60 for three days of which clinic organizers receive: $10 for one day, $20 for two days and $30 for three days.

If auditors are paying, Karen will gear part of her clinic to them and answer questions.

How much more can I charge for a ride or in-hand lesson with Karen to break even or be profitable?2014-11-16T16:57:27-07:00

While we are sympathetic to how costly it is to organize clinics is, Karen keeps her fees reasonable to be accessible to a broader range of riders and for the same reason we put a cap on mark-ups. They are as follows:

Riding lessons: no more then $25 per lesson over Karen’s regular clinic fee.

Ground Work lessons: no more then $20 per lesson over Karen’s regular clinic fee.

What are the rider’s fees for a clinic?2014-11-19T13:19:50-07:00

It is the clinic organizer’s responsibility to collect payment from the riders ahead of time. Typically, 50% of the total amount is then forwarded to Karen Ososki / Refined Performance Horsemanship 4 weeks prior the clinic start date. Clinic organizers are responsible for ensuring that checks clear.

The balance of contract fees is due at the end of the clinic in check, cash, or credit card.

Does Karen have special eating requirements (food allergies, preferences)?2017-07-09T17:57:55-06:00

Karen needs an ample supply of water throughout the day.

She likes simple vegetarian meals such as salads, vegetables, fruits, oatmeal, and is happy with just sandwiches or easy food.

Will Karen be willing to share social time with clinic participants?2014-11-16T16:55:12-07:00

Karen is happy to spend one evening with clinic participants with the understanding that she works hard and does need to rest, so no late nights.

She feels very strongly about education and will take questions from riders and auditors during breaks and share her lunchtime with participants.

Who organize’s Karen’s travel to and from her clinics and speaking engagements?2017-07-09T17:57:56-06:00

Travel to and from the clinic is the organizer’s responsibility unless Karen is driving. This also means that the organizer may be responsible for advance payment for Karen’s flights, picking her up (or organizing the pick up) and returning her to the airport.

Please provide a photo of the person who will pick Karen up and specific contact information.

Karen travels out of the Bozeman Airport (BZN).

If Karen drives, please provide clear and specific information about the location as well as contact information and back-up contact information.

We appreciate getting updates about any organizational changes ahead of time as well as receiving information on weather or area conditions.

What accommodations does Karen prefer when she travels?2017-07-09T17:57:56-06:00

There are two options available to clinic organizers:

A room in the host’s home is acceptable provided it has its own bath and offers complete privacy.

A comfortable motel or hotel within reasonable distance of the clinic grounds, with transportation provided.

Does Karen require any special equipment for the lectures?2017-07-09T17:57:56-06:00

For her lecture, Karen does PowerPoint presentations and needs a projector and screen and an indoor location with control over the amount of light the room receives.

(When traveling by car, Karen brings her own projector and a screen suitable for small groups.)


Does Karen require any special equipment for the clinic itself?2015-04-11T17:22:31-06:00

Karen will use a microphone if one is provided.

(Karen supplies her own speaker system when she travels by car.)

Depending on the clinic, the following equipment maybe required:



Rope Halters


How do I plan the Rider Schedules for Karen’s clinics?2014-11-16T16:48:28-07:00

Karen has a schedule she likes to observe with a certain number of breaks. We will provide you with a template for easy schedule management after we have determined the type of clinic and the number of riders.

Does Karen allow the videotaping of lessons, clinics, or lectures?2017-07-09T17:57:56-06:00

Riders are welcome to videotape their own lessons for personal use. We ask that riders sign a release indicating that they will not use film or videos for commercial use or post publicly without written consent from Karen.

What level of rider and horse is Karen willing to work with?2014-11-19T13:18:57-07:00

Karen works with young to advanced horses of all breeds and disciplines.

Beginner riders must be able to at least confidently walk.

While Karen occasionally rides horses during clinics, it is at her discretion. Please do not bring a chronic bucker or rearer or an unstarted horse to the clinic expecting Karen to ride it.

What do I need to do to schedule an International Clinic?2014-11-16T16:49:07-07:00

Please contact us directly with your location and information. International clinic organizers are responsible for all travel costs unless Karen is already in the region.

Prices vary depending on continent.

How much are clinic lessons?2014-11-16T16:49:17-07:00

Clinics costs are generally coordinated with the organizer and are pro-rated across each student’s session, auditors and lectures.

Note: Refined Performance Horsemanship extends discounts to Pony Clubs and other organizations. Please tell us about yours.

How many sessions a day does Karen teach at her clinics?2014-11-16T16:49:40-07:00

Karen teaches up to 8 sessions per day if there are auditors, and up to 10 sessions if there are no auditors.

How long are clinic sessions?2014-11-16T16:36:36-07:00

Sessions are 45 minutes. When the clinic has paid auditors, please plan for 1 hour time periods so that there is time for questions from the audience.

Lessons may be longer at Karen’s discretion if she thinks the horse and rider need additional attention. There is no charge for the additional time.

At what kinds of facilities does Karen teach?2014-11-16T16:49:56-07:00

Karen prefers to teach in covered arenas if weather could be a factor. Quality of footing is important to maximize the quality of the lesson and to ensure a safe lesson for the horse. In outdoor arenas in hot climates or months, please have a shaded rest area with a chair and water available so Karen can stay properly hydrated and have the opportunity to escape the heat as needed.

Is Karen the right clinician or instructor for you?2014-11-19T13:22:22-07:00

Karen is extensively certified to teach through ARIA and her 35 plus years of riding and training across all disciplines. She is first and foremost an educator and advocate for the horse and uses riding and ground work to help riders develop calm, attentive and confident horses that are a pleasure to ride – and are fit, supple and responsive whether they are doing dressage, jumping or simply hacking. She is a calm and supportive clinician who focuses on developing each rider and horse pair’s individual best without stress and tension that impair the horse’s and rider’s ability to learn and retain new information.

Tell us about you and your needs:

Please give us a good overview of:

  • who you are
  • what you seek to learn
  • your location including closest airport
  • describe your facility

Give us as much details as you can including:

  • Is this clinic to be at a private or public facility?
  • What kind and size arena do you have?
  • What level of riders and horses will be riding?
  • What disciplines will be focused on?
  • Is this a ridden or groundwork clinic? How much of it is groundwork?
  • Do you have a projector and screen for the PowerPoint lecture(s)?
  • What dates are you interested in?
  • How did you hear about us?
How do I schedule a clinic or lecture with Karen?2015-04-11T17:24:17-06:00

If you are a Clinic Organizer outside of Montana, please give yourself several months to organize your clinic. Karen has a full schedule and it may be some time before she can come to you. However, we are very interested in working with motivated horse people and we do take all inquiries very seriously.

If you are in Montana, Karen’s schedule is more flexible.

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