Expo & Speaking Engagement Highlights


Lecturer/Presenter, PATH Int’l Region 9 Conference , “The Importance of Developing Individual Conditioning Programs for EAAT Horses” – May 2015

Lecturer, Bozeman Dressage and Combined Training Club, Rider Biomechanics and Unmounted Exercise Class – May 2015

Refined Performance Horsemanship 3-day Clinic, Montana State University – April 2015

Clinician, Havre MT., Hosted by local Barrel Racers – February 2015

Lecturer, Havre MT, Equine and Rider Biomechanics – February 2015

Featured Presenter, Montana State University  Equine Educational Snippets, Equine Biomechanics – January 2015


Featured Clinician, Northern International Livestock Exposition (NILE), Equine Biomechanics –  October 2014

Featured Clinician,– South Africa, Zambia,  and Botswana,  14  clinics which included Pony Club, dressage, jumping, groundwork sessions, and equine biomechanics lectures  July/August 2014

Presenter, Helena Equine Expo, Equine Biomechanics – May 2014

Featured Clinician, Ohio Equine Affaire®,  Two “Ride with the Best” clinics and two presentations on both equine and rider biomechanics – April 2014.

April 11, 2014, Equine Affaire® “Ride with the Best” Clinic:

“Rider Biomechanics: Connecting with Your Horse’s Movement through Balance, Alignment & Relaxation”. Columbus, Ohio.

April 11, 2014, Equine Affaire® “Ride with the Best” Clinic:
“Equine Biomechanics: Understanding How Your Horse’s Anatomy Determines Its Natural Movement”. Columbus, Ohio.

April 12, 2014, Ohio Equine Affaire®, “Play to Improve your Riding”: Unmounted rider activities that are easy and fun and can be done in the barn, at home, or in the gym.

This 60 minute session demonstrated unmounted activities that can be done at the barn, gym, or at home.  As a Daniel Stewart Ride Right Certified Exercise Instructor, Karen emphasized activities that focus on balance, posture, and alignment to improve a rider’s symmetry, fitness, strength, flexibility, and overall body awareness.  Exercise props included reins, Balimo chairs, hula hoops, BodyBlades, scales, exercise balls, Bosu Balls, medicine balls, and balance boards; many activities require no props. Karen’s program was designed for lots of fun and laughter.

April 12, 2014, Ohio Equine Affaire®, “Equine Biomechanics”: Understanding how your horse’s anatomy determines its natural movement.

This 60 minute lecture used illustrations and photos to introduce the horse’s anatomy and the fascinating world of equine movement. Participants learned the importance of creating and maintaining efficient and healthy posture and movement within your horses for superior performance and longevity.  By understanding your horse’s mechanisms for movement, the participants are better able to choose healthy training paths.


Presenter, Back Country Horseman, Equine Biomechanics Lecture and Anatomy Painted Horse Demonstration – August 2013

Presenter, Gallatin Saddle and Harness Club, Refined Groundwork Exercises for the Equine Athlete – August 2013

Clinician, Zambia and South Africa, Pony Club and dressage, jumping, groundwork sessions, and equine biomechanics lectures – July 2013

Presenter, Gallatin Saddle and Harness Club, Equine Biomechanics Lecture – March 2013


Co-Keynote Presenter, PATH Intl Conference Horse Expo, Improving Performance and Maintaining Soundness through Ground Work – November 2012

Guest Presenter, Circle Oak Equine, “Optimizing your Horse’s Straightness, Balance,, and Performance” Symposium with Dr. Ridgway and Colonel Carde – June 2012

Presenter, Circle L Arena 2012 Horse Expo, Equine Biomechanics and Groundwork Demonstration with Anatomically Painted Horse – March 2012

2011 and earlier

Presenter, Gallatin Saddle and Harness Club, Rider Biomechanics Lecture and Unmounted Exercise Class – April 2011

Presenter, Back County Horseman, Rider Biomechanics Lecture and Unmounted Exercise Class  – March 2011

Presenter, Montana NARHA State Meeting, Introduction to Saddle-Fitting for Horse Comfort and Soundness Lecture and RPH demonstration – February 2011

Clinician & Organizer, Holistic Horsemanship Symposium, Eagle Mount Therapeutic Riding Center, Equine and Rider Biomechanics Lecture and Rider clinic – February 2010


Additionally, Karen delivers multiple Refined Performance Horsemanship Clinics and Presentations every year.