Ride from your Soul

Equine Awareness and Mindfulness Retreats

Experience a journey integrating:

Inner stillness and presence

Personal body awareness

Rider fitness

Liberty work


Refined Riding

What is the focus of the retreats?

Karen welcomes you to attend her five-part “Equine Awareness and Mindfulness Retreats”.  Experience a journey integrating inner stillness and presence with personal body awareness and fitness, liberty work, groundwork, and riding.

The retreat format allows participants to able to explore and further develop their riding capacity for sensing, feeling, intuition, and timing; all qualities for refining communication between horse and rider.  Time is allowed for personal exploration to follow an inner and physical path of discovery that leads the rider to a greater sense of awareness and mindfulness while they are working with their horses.

Equestrians come together to explore new ideas and to share their own experiences and expertise on how they feel their journeys have provided an expanding insight into a closer relationship with their horses.  Meaningful discussions with fellow equestrians follow each of the five-steps.

As facilitator, Karen shares her knowledge and expertise following the elements of holistic learning.  Holistic learning is an approach to deepen-self awareness through encompassing the idea of behavioral and life changes, changes in decision making, and authentic presence.

Tell me and I’ll forget

Show me and I may remember

Involve me and I’ll understand   — Chinese proverb

Holistic learning recognizes that human beings exist in a network of relationships and interdependent systems.  The facilitator creates a trustworthy and respectful learning environment.  The retreat facilitation style is grounded in non-judgment and without outcome expectations so that the rider can share experiences and explore new ideas without fear. Minority opinions are respected and respectful listening is the behavior model that is followed.  The setting is calm, inviting, and safe.  Most of all it is full of joy.  Oh yes, we have lots of fun!!!!!