International    Clinician     Speaker      Instructor 

“Karen was handpicked by me to become one of my first-ever certified coaches…I can think of no one else I would recommend more highly than Karen…” – Daniel Stewart, former United States Equestrian Team coach

Named one of America’s “Top 50 Riding Instructors” by the American Riding Instructors Association, Karen Ososki is a sought-after clinician with a proven ability to improve performance in equines of all disciplines, while maintaining and enhancing their mental and physical soundness.  “Refined Performance Horsemanship” or RPH is the name of her unique method, developed over years of training dressage, jumping, and western horses.

Karen has found instruction to be the perfect way to combine her life-long passions for horses, learning and teaching. As a riding instructor for over 30 years, her focus is on promoting healthy and harmonious training and riding techniques. When you combine a horse with a centered body and mind, and a rider with a centered body and mind, the most beautiful partnership is born.

“I became an American Riding Instructors Association instructor in 2005. Currently, I am certified with ARICP Level III Certification to teach Dressage and Level II Certification to teach Hunter Seat. I am also a graduate of the Western Dressage Association’s “Train the Trainer” program.


  • Featured instructor (with cover photo) in ARIA Magazine “Riding Instructor” Spring 2012
  • Selected as one of the ARIA “Top 50 Riding Instructors in America” in 2009
  • The Phyllis Freeman Greene Memorial Good Seat and Hand Award at the 2003 Spokane Sport Horse



Lecturer, Woodstock Equestrian Education Center, Bozeman, MT, Equine Biomechanics February 2016


Presenter, 2015 Annual Akhal-Teke Association of America Conference, Lebanon, IN, Equine and Rider Biomechanics – September 2015

Presenter, Montana State University Summer Camp, Appropriate Tack for Different DisciplinesJuly 2015

Lecturer, Bozeman Dressage and Combined Training Club, Rider Biomechanics Lecture and Unmounted Exercise Class – May 2015

Lecturer, Montana State University Equine Program, Working in the Horse Industry ( A Lifetime Pursuit with Horses),  May 2015

Featured Presenter, PATH International Region 9 Conference, Bozeman, MT, Conditioning for the Therapeutic Lesson Horse  May 2015

Clinician, Montana State University Equine Program, Rider Biomechanics Clinic April 2015

Clinician and Lecturer, Bear Paw Veterinary Services, Havre MT, Equine and Rider Biomechanics Lectures – February 2015

Featured Presenter, Montana State University Equine Lecture / Demo Series, Equine Biomechanics (How Anatomy Determines Natural Movement) – February 2015


Featured Clinician, Northern International Livestock Expedition (NILE), Equine Biomechanics –  October 2014

Featured Clinician,– South Africa, Zambia, and Botswana,  14  clinics which included Pony Club, dressage, jumping, groundwork sessions, and equine biomechanics lectures – July/August 2014

Presenter, Helena Equine Expo, Equine Biomechanics – May 2014

Featured Clinician, Ohio Equine Affaire®,  Two “Ride with the Best” clinics and two presentations on both equine and rider biomechanics – April 2014.


Co-Organizer / Co-Presenter, with Susan Eoff, Equine Awareness and Mindfulness Retreat, Bozeman, Montana – April 2013

Presenter, Back Country Horseman, Equine Biomechanics Lecture and Anatomy Painted Horse Demonstration – August 2013

Presenter, Gallatin Saddle and Harness Club, Refined Groundwork Exercises for the Equine Athlete – August 2013

Clinician, Zambia and South Africa, Pony Club and dressage, jumping, groundwork sessions, and equine biomechanics lectures – July 2013

Presenter, Gallatin Saddle and Harness Club, Equine Biomechanics Lecture – March 2013

2012 and earlier

Co-Keynote Presenter, PATH Intl Conference Horse Expo, Improving Performance and Maintaining Soundness through Ground Work – November 2012

Guest Presenter, Circle Oak Equine, “Optimizing your Horse’s Straightness, Balance,, and Performance” Symposium with Dr. Ridgway and Colonel Carde – June 2012

Presenter, Circle L Arena 2012 Horse Expo, Equine Biomechanics and Groundwork Demonstration with Anatomically Painted Horse – March 2012

Presenter, Gallatin Saddle and Harness Club, Rider Biomechanics Lecture and Unmounted Exercise Class – April 2011

Presenter, Back County Horseman, Rider Biomechanics Lecture and Unmounted Exercise Class  – March 2011

Presenter, Montana NARHA State Meeting, Introduction to Saddle-Fitting for Horse Comfort and Soundness Lecture and RPH demonstration – February 2011

Clinician & Organizer, Holistic Horsemanship Symposium, Eagle Mount Therapeutic Riding Center, Equine and Rider Biomechanics Lecture and Rider clinic – February 2010

Additionally, Karen delivers multiple Refined Performance Horsemanship Clinics and Presentations every year.


  • American Riding Instructor Association (ARIA) Test Administrator
  • ARIA Certified Level III Dressage Instructor
  • ARIA Certified Level II Hunt Seat Instructor
  •  Ride-Right Certified Instructor in Equestrian Cross-Training and Sports Psychology
  • Graduate of the Advanced Western Dressage Association of America’s “Train the Trainer” program


Training Highlights

  • Equine Biomechanics Lecture Series with Jillian Kreinbring M.S. Equine Biomechanics
  • Michigan State University’s Equine Biomechanics with Dr. Hillary Clayton
  • Michigan State University’s Equine Lameness and Gait Abnormalities with Dr. Barb Crabbe
  • Equine Studies Institute’s Equine Dissection with Dr. Deb Bennett
  • Four (4) Equine Biomechanics Clinics with Dr. Gerd Heuschmann

Additional Clinics (including audited clinics)

Clinics with Axel Steiner, Linda Zang, Sonja Vracko, Jeremy Steinberg, Buck Brannaman, Lilo Fore, Lendon Gray, Greg Best, Paul Belasik, Ellen Eckstein, Jenny Baldwin, Manolo Mendez, Eckart Meyners, Daniel Stewart


  • Horsemanship Program, Powell Community College
  • B.S. in Plant and Soil Science, Montana State University


  • Karen Ososki Riding Instructor, LLC, 2005 – Present: Founder, Clinician, Speaker, and Riding Instructor
  • Equestrian Educationals, LLC, 2008 – Present: Founder
  • Worked closely with and facilitated all USA Dr. Gerd Heuschmann Equine Biomechanics Lectures and Clinics from 2008-2010


  • “Top Hand” Advisory Board Member, Eagle Mount Therapeutic Riding Center
  • Board Member and Treasurer, Montana Horse Welfare Council
  • Board Member, Gallatin Saddle and Harness Club
  • Treasurer, Gallatin Valley Dressage
  • Volunteer, Windhorse Equine Learning


  • United States Dressage Federation
  • United States Equestrian Federation
  • American Riding Instructors Association
  • Montana Quarter Horse Association
  • Bozeman Dressage and Combined Training
  • Gallatin Saddle and Harness Club